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"The Loch Ness Monster" from Edcon Publishing

This lake may be the home of a monster. A place you will read about: "Loch Ness", a lake in Northern Scotland.

In a deep, dark lake in Northern Scotland, a monster may be living. The lake is called, "Loch Ness," and the monster is called "The Loch Ness Monster." The monster's nick name is "Nessie." It is also one of the most bewildering and amazing puzzles of the world.

Many people think that the idea of a monster living in a lake is ridiculous. But, an inhabitant of a town near the lake wouldn't think so. People living near the lake have been aware of reports of the Loch Ness Monster for a long time. The reports date back to the sixth century. At that time, a monk living at the western side of the lake thought he saw a monster. It appeared to be a huge worm that rose above the water.

Since that time, the monster has been seen by many different people. One guess is that about 3000 peopk have seen it. Many of these people were not inhabitants of the area. They were people who visited the lake from all parts of the world. Many inhabitants of the lake region have probably seen the monster. But, those people are cautious when talking to strangers about it. They are aware that some people scorn the idea
of the Loch Ness Monster. They don't want to appear ridiculous. So, the inhabitants discuss it only with each other.

A monster that has been visible to so many people for so long cannot be ignored. The world really started paying attention to Nessie in 1933. Then, a new road was built along the northern shore of the lake. The lake was now more visible to people. Suddenly more and more people caught glimpses of a monster in Loch Ness. One theory is that the monster rose above the water to see what all the noise was about. Usually, noise made the monster hide. Nessie was supposed to be timid. But, the noise from the road construction might have made Nessie curious.

The following year, a man with a camera snapped the first picture of Nessie. Now more people started believing that Nessie was real. Others were still cautious. They said that no such thing as a monster lived in Loch Ness or in any other lake. They said that the picture must be a trick or a joke. The picture was printed in newspapers all over the world. People grew excited at the thought that the monster could possibly be real. People started asking questions. If there really were a monster in Loch Ness, what kind is it? Nearly all of the people who thought they had seen Nessie offered different descriptions. No one had ever seen anything like it before.

Different sizes, shapes, and colors were reported. Some people had seen a long tail. Others had not seen any tail. Some had seen only a long neck. Others had seen growths spreading from the sides of the body. Scientists can't say to which family the monster belongs. Is it a fish, a dinosaur, or a serpent? Today the most popular theory is that Nessie is a sea-going dinosaur.

All these different kinds of stories led to another theory. There must be more than one monster in the lake. After all, the original Nessie would have to be 5000 years old. Scientists agree that no creature could live so long. The monster in the legend must be an ancestor of today's Nessies.

Where, then, were all the old Nessies? Scientists thought the dead monsters must be at the bottom of the lake. The lake has no tides strong enough to wash the bodies to the shore. People said that sea creatures, like Nessie, couldn't live in a fresh-water lake. Scientists said that, indeed, there were some kinds of sea creatures that could. Nessie and hs family must be one of them.

People wanted to know how Nessie got into the lake in the first place. Scientists said that Loch Ness was once part of the sea. During the last Ice Age, the shifting lands made the lake we call Loch Ness and trapped Nessie within it.

People asked why the monster was visible only at certain times. Scientists answered that there might be caves where it hides. Or, Nessie might swim in and out of the lake through passages on the bottom of the lake.

People have searched for Nessie since its first picture was shown to the world. More glimpses have been reported, and more pictures have been taken. Some people have joined expeditions using special equipment to see or hear Nessie. Others have gone alone with only cameras or special glasses. No one has been able to prove that the monster is real.

A new picture of Nessie, taken in 1975, led to a new expedition. Equipped with the
most modern gear, a group the United States for Loch Ness. This group was determined to solve the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. By September 1976, Nessie had neither been seen nor heard from.

Is it because there is no such thing as the Loch Ness Monster? Or, is it because Nessie is hiding at the bottom of the lake? The mystery continues, and so does the search.

1 The Loch Ness Monster is supposed ___________
a. to live in the ocean.
b. to live in a village.
c. to live in a lake.
d. to live on a boat.

2. The legend of the Loch Ness Monster _____
a. has been known for a few years.
b. has been known since 1933.
c. has been known for centuries.
d. has been known since 1975.

3. The Loch Ness Monster is supposed to have been seen _____
a. only by tourists to Scotland.
b. only by inhabitants of the Loch Ness area.
c. by almost 3000 people.
d. only before 1933.

4. The inhabitants around Loch Ness _____
a. love to talk about the monster to strangers.
b. don't believe that there is a monster.
c. think the Loch Ness legend is ridiculous.
d. don't like to talk to strangers about the monster.

5. Almost everyone who saw the Loch Ness Monster _____
a. agreed that it was a fish.
b. agreed that it was a dinosaur.
c. agreed that it was a serpent.
d. described something different.

6. The most popular theory is that ____
a. the monster is a kind of fish.
b. the monster is a kind of whale.
c. the monster is a kind of dinosaur.
d. the monster is a kind of snake.

7. Some scientists have a theory that _____
a. there are many monsters in the lake.
b. the monster is 5000 years old.
c. there was a monster, but now it is gone.
d. it is impossible for a monster to live in Loch Ness.

8. The Loch Ness Monster _____
a. is only a fairy tale.
b. couldn't possibly be real.
c. must have died years ago.
d. might possibly be real.

9. The word closest in meaning to the word "glimpse" is " _____ " .
a. deception
b. disappearance
c. evidence
d. sighting

10. Another name for this story could be _____
a. "Fishing in Scotland."
b. "The Mystery of Loch Ness."
c. "The History of Scotland."
d. "Beautiful Scottish Lakes."

11. The main idea of this story is _____
a. there is no proof of the Loch Ness Monster.
b. no one wants to find the Loch Ness Monster.
c. no one believes there is a Loch Ness Monster.
d. there are no pictures of the Loch Ness Monster.

This story is an article from a series of Reading Comprehension Workbooks by Edcon Publishing Group. Edcon Publishing has a very large selection of different types of readings and other
materials for learning. I highly recommend this company. - The Teacher

Loch Ness Video from Youtube:

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  1. I love this! AND NESSIE!!! I believe he or she is out there!.....:)

  2. if it is real where are the dead bodies of the previous Nessie?

    1. They would have decayed or been eaten by other wild-life

  3. I like this reading. I believe that nessie could live. nessie might have been family of long neck.

  4. WOOOOOOOOW,Lots of people saw nessie,i am one of them,i was traveling to London,but my friend and i decided to go see Loch ness lake.As when we were riding in the cab,we saw a huge black spot in the lake then suddenly there was a splash and the black spot was gone!even the cab driver saw it!Scientest are searcing for Nessie the wrong way!They should put on the edges of the lake HD cameras,and leave them for a while.That way i think that they could find Nessie!



  5. some of those look fake, and some could be a stick, snake, otter, or a fish! like that one with the moon and the lightning???? could it be true?

  6. I appreciate all these comments. The comment from Slovenia is especially interesting. You actually saw something! I believe it could be true and I agree with the idea of placing cameras. They should be cameras with night vision.

  7. I believe Nessie is real. I got a friend who actully seen Nessie. Why did they not put cameras up. xxx

  8. heck..If there are caves in the loch then why hasn't it been found till this day.? If there is a monster why is it such a big deal? Loch Ness is only good for Tourist barons who mint money out of it. not for a common man

  9. i think the loch ness moster is real. If we keep our eyes open and put our heads together i think we could prove somthing.

    1. I think it could possibly be a very large soft-shelled turtle. They have serpent like necks and have been found to survive as far north as alaska & Norway

  10. i think maybe it couldve been alive at some point since some people think it came from a prehitoric animal, but after a while it will not be able to mate and it will die. im not saying there never was one but they dont live forever.

  11. I believe in them! Scientists need to take submarines down there instead of listening equipment if they really want to find it! Maybe I will see it and Bigfoot one day!

  12. How many Nessies are there? Why don't they catch it? They *_MUST_* catch it! They can use big nets, big boats, submarines, look everywhere for it or shoot it with tranquilizers! Is Nessie still alive today? It is 2011 when I post this comment.

  13. I think the monster was living becus there pictures and none wants that lake so i think its was living but it is dead..

  14. I think people are freaking out over nothing. Even if you could prove Nessie was real, what would you do about it?? If she was proven to be real, then people would go from *innocently* trying to see her or get a picture of her to trying to capture her, and then she would die. Because maybe, there are two, and one is a boy and one a girl, and they just have super-expanded life spans, and they mated and if you catch the female, then you would catch the baby inside her and then the Loch Ness Monster (I hate how people keep calling her a monster, but then i thought about it, and there's really nothing else to call her) would be extinct.

  15. I love the story and the idea of the Loch ness monster. Some pictures, it does look like a elephant, but, it wouldn't be a elephant every time, count the number of times something has been seen. If there are possible caves, why can't people/scientist swim down and look for them like they do deep see diving?I just think there is so much more that can be done to find out if it's real or not, and nobody is really doing that much. But I find it amazing

    1. Maybe scientists are too scared?

    2. I AM NOT AFRAID OF THESE BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. I have personally been sent by the Scottish navy to thoroughly investigate and search the caves. I have found no traces of elephants but I have found several loche ness monster. I have found at least 3 monsters in each cave. They really are beautiful creatures. I am in love. I vow to devote the rest of my life to reasearch these beautiful creations of god. No one has know about this discovery until now. Only 4 people in the whole wide universe know about this. Email me for more info and detailed pictures, videos and audio etc.... My email is

  16. I think the loch ness monster is real because people wouldn't be telling all these stories for nothing. St Columbous said he saw it and then it all started so he was the first man to see the loch ness monster in 565 AD.

  17. i Thinkk Thee Loch Ness Monsterr is Real.!
    i Would Lovee To Go To Schotlandd [Dont Knoww Howw To Spell it lololol c;] &&'ndd Searchh For Nessiee.!(: i Believee Shee Or He iss Out Theree.!(: &&'ndd i Alsoo Thinkk She Couldd Be Part Dinousoree Too.!

  18. Thanks for all these fine comments. This is really a fascinating story. There are a lot more like it at the Mission Language Lab network of sites, plus other activities for learning and reviewing English. Visit us again! You're always welcome.

  19. dragon101

    I totally think that Nessie is real! I think that scientists should get in a sub and head down there and search for those caves. My grandma thinks that Nessie isn't real. I think she's wrong. I actually saw her when I was 5. My grandma rosie went to scotland before I was born. She went to loch ness and she took a video of Nessie. when she found out that I was going to be born,she dedicated the video to me. When I reached my 5th year I watched it. I was so amazed.

  20. I honestly think Nessie is real, but, my issue is that I think that it is dead. It hasnt been seen since 1976! It either that or that it may be hiding. Although in that case, why dont they just but night-vision and infer-red cameras at the sides and bottoms? They arent doning that because of the money. Think of all they money they might lose if Nessie was discovered. People would stop visiting because they know. The government might also be hiding something. Any government. That's all I have to say for now.

    1. how can you think its real

  21. this is all nice to wonder and like, but if rare species were real, we would have way better evidence

  22. I think Nessie is fake or real if there is a monster im sure it is a prank or it is a ghost I don't believe in ghosts but I believe could be real if they have prrof that they seen it I could do some research

  23. I love the history about Nessi... But i think, that he is not real, because nbody saw him Long, and Nessi Need to eat, too! So where are all the fishs from and where is the blood of the fish, what he eat?!

  24. Can you put in notes about the Nessie?

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