Thursday, January 28, 2010

"We Remember Roberto", comprehension check.

1. The people of Carolina learned of Roberto's death ___________ .

a. in the newspapers.
b. over the radio.
c. from his athletic coaches.
d. from his wife.

2. As a boy in school, Roberto was ___________ .

a. quiet and shy.
b. a national hero.
c. the class clown.
d. a big bully.

3. Pitchers had trouble pitching to Roberto because ___________ .

a. he was so short.
b. he never stood still.
c. he hit all kinds of pitches.
d. he was very careful.

4. Roberto's strong arm made it easy for him ___________ .

a. to fight with other players.
b. to throw balls to fans in the stands.
c. to throw base runners out.
d. to run into walls and fences.

5. Roberto was the kind of ball player who ___________ .

a. was interested in setting records.
b. wouldn't help anyone learn the game.
c. was always afraid of getting hurt.
d. gave everything he had to the game.

6. Roberto's life dream was ___________ .

a. to be the best player on the Pittsburgh Pirates.
b. to build a Sports City for children.
c. to leave Puerto Rico forever.
d. to discover why earthquakes happened.

7. Roberto's plane crashed ___________ .

a. at an airport in Puerto Rico.
b. in the country of Nicaragua.
c. near the shore of Puerto Rico.
d. in the middle of the jungle.

8. Roberto Clemente Sports City was built with money raised by ___________ .

a. the Puerto Rican government.
b. the people of Nicaragua.
c. the city of Pittsburgh.
d. baseball fans all over the world.

9.Another name for this story could be ___________ .

a. "Puerto Rico's Happy New Year."
b. "Pittsburgh's Winning Team."
c. "Victims of the Earthquake."
d. "A Hero On and Off the Field."

10. This story is mainly about ___________ .

a. a baseball player who was hurt many times.
b. a baseball player who was a star on and off the field.
c. the training baseball players get in Puerto Rico.
d. an airplane crash which killed hundreds of people.

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