Sunday, October 18, 2009

Final "s". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

"In The Car" by Roy Lichtenstein

1. If I go on a short trip, I only have to pack one .

2. How often does the Number 14 come? Every fifteen minutes.

3. I call 911 if there is an emergency, and I need the immediately.

4. I like the color and the style of this . I hope it’s on sale.

5. Our daughter gave two tickets to the opera for our anniversary.

6. We have already seen that movie . It was excellent.

7. Jeff waters his lawn every day. That’s why the is very green.

8. You must pay for the and electricity. They aren’t included.

9. William tripped and fell because he forgot to tie his .

10. At the thrift store, it is possible to find expensive clothes.

11. Would you like any in your lemonade? Yes, but not too much.

12. is easy to prepare, and it’s very nutritious. We have it often.

13. You’ll never who just called me. It was my friend Judy from Chicago. I haven’t heard from her in a long time.

14. These pants are too in the waist. I need a smaller size.

15. The Wilsons went to New York last month. They had a very time.

16. I know I have seen your before, but I can’t remember your name.

17. Don’t try to run in a marathon if you’re out of shape. It’s a long .

18. Grab your suitcase and run to the car or you might your plane.

19. I bought shelves at the discount furniture store because I wanted a lower .

20. What do you want to take next semester? I think I’m ready for Level 8.

21. Mary’s husband washed the dishes last night and broke a wine .

22. Many photographers surrounded the movie star and took her picture.

23. We don’t own our car. We have a five year . After that, we might buy it or we might not.

24. They are a religious family. They say before every meal.

25. San Francisco is a nice to live. Don’t you think so?


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