Monday, September 21, 2009

Final "sh". Listen and Fill the Blanks.

1. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson their clothes at the laundromat.

2. I sometimes a check at the supermarket.

3. I you a happy birthday. Here is your birthday present. I hope you like it.

4. The traffic is the heaviest at hour. There is sometimes a traffic jam.

5. My is collected every Monday morning.

6. These vegetables were delivered today. They’re very .

7. The last time I saw your hair , it was on the dresser.

8. When do you studying English every day?

9. I need somebody to help me this refrigerator into place.

10. At the butcher shop, I can buy meat or .

11. A lot of birds live in the . It’s very wet there.

12. You should your shoes before going on a job interview.

13. He quickly turned his steering wheel to avoid a .

14. That is the home for insects and small birds.

15. The speedometer of a car is located on the board.

16. You should the boxes before recycling them.

17. When you take the dog on a walk, make sure you use a .

18. This is dirty. Put it in the sink with the others.

19. The baby’s skin is slightly red because of the diaper .

20. If he is embarrassed, he will probably .

21. Winter on the East Coast is very cold and sometimes .

22. You need a camera with a to take pictures at night time.

23. In one semester, you can a lot if your attendance is consistent.

24. Maria put a coat of on her new table, and it looks wonderful.

25. Their honeymoon was a memory they will for the rest of their lives.


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