Friday, August 14, 2009

"Seven Wonders of The Ancient World" - Comprehension Check

Comprehension Check. Choose the correct answer.

1. The only man made object that can be seen from space is ___________ .
a. The Greek God Zeus.
b. The lighthouse at Alexandria.
c. The Great Wall of China.
d.The Colosseum.

2. The following ancient wonder of the world was not destroyed by an earthquake:
a.The Colossus of Rhodes.
b.The Great Pyramid.
c.The Pharos of Alexandria.
d.The Temple of Artemis.

3. Which of the following was not on Herodotus's original list of the Seven Wonders of The World?
a. Stonehenge.
b.The statue of Zeus.
c.The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.
d.The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus.

4. Herodotus didn't include The Great Wall of China on his list of Wonders because he didn't know much about ___________________
b.Central America.

5. One of the most complex of the ancient temples was built to honor ___________
a.the Greek historian, Herodotus.
b.the city of Cuzco.
c.The goddess, Artemis.
d.the rising and setting sun.

6. It was easier for ships to find the harbor at Alexandria, Egypt because______________
a.they had good navigation equipment.
b.they had at least one Egyptian sailor.
c.the fish jumped near the coast.
d.they could see the fire on top of the lighthouse.

7. The Colosseum in Rome _____________________
a.was destroyed by an earthquake.
b.was built as a temple to honor a goddess.
c.was constructed to host sporting events.
d.was a place to calculate the sun's movements.

8. The temples of Abu Simel were threatened because the Egyptian government ____________
a.wanted to replace them with apartments.
b.wanted to build a dam.
c.wanted to move them to another location.
d.wanted to sell them to the United States.

9. This story is mainly about ____________________
a.the 7 ancient wonders of the world.
b.precious monuments destroyed by earthquakes.
c.the ancient wonders that would have been on the list if Herodotus knew about them.
d.The seven ancient wonders and other ancient wonders as well.

10. Another name for this story could be_____________________
a."The world list of ancient wonders."
b."The list of destroyed ancient monuments."
c."The life of Herodotos."
d."Famous temples of the ancient world."

Vocabulary Check. Fill the blanks, then check your answer.

1. The most famous statue in the ancient world was the Greek God .

2. The word comes from a huge ancient marble burial place built to honor a deceased king.

3. It took more than one hundred thousand men working 30 years to build the .

4. "The Hanging Gardens of " were located in present day Iraq.

5. A Greek historian named made a list of what became known as the Seven Wonders of the World.

6. The Pharos of was an ancient lighthouse. It was destroyed by an earthquake.

7. The of China was built more than two thousand years ago.

8. Experts think that in England was a ceremonial or religious structure.

9. If Herodotus had visited Peru, would have been included in his list of the Seven Wonders of The World.

10. The , in India, was built as a burial place in memory of Shah Jahan's wife.
1.2. 3.
4.5. 6.
7.8. 9.


  1. This was a very interesting history because through this articule i knew the seven wonders of the world because i did not know it so.. thanks a lot for made public this articule and that the people can learn everyday new things...

  2. it's important to know about history was a great story. I didn't know all the details of those places ... Rafael Rodriguez

  3. This lesson is very helpful .This story is very nice, it's good to know about ancheint wonders in the world .The voice is clear and easy to understand .
    listen ,learn and enjoy

  4. I think this is a realy good way to learn english
    and also to learn about the seven wonders of the world. I did't know all the great places around the world but I bealive that my country has to be in the list too .. we have de most beautiful island of the world that's call "ISLA DE PASCUA"
    I really learn alot today.. thank's

  5. Good way to learn English. I like it!
    I enjoy reading it.

  6. This class is very interesting, because I was remembering my High School History, one of my better subjets.