Friday, August 14, 2009

Aaron Copland, 1900 - 1990, Comprehension Check

Comprehension Check. Choose the correct answer.

1. Aaron Copeland's parents were from
New York.
Harvard University.
Eastern Europe.

2.Copeland decided to write music that had a distinctly American Flavor. He was influenced by
French composers.
Spanish composers.
his grandfather.
the common people.

3. In "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra", Copeland used ideas from
motion pictures.
Rock and Roll music.
Modern day "Rap".
Jazz music.

4. A famous conductor from the Boston Symphony Orchestra led the first performance of Copeland's work when Copeland was
only ten years old.
in his early sixties.
in his twenties.

5. One of Copeland's famous works was written to honor an American president:
Woodrow Wilson.
Jack Kennedy.
Abraham Lincoln.
George Washington.

6. Aaron Copeland wrote a ballet about the American West and the famous outlaw "Billy the Kid". For this ballet, Copeland used
folk music .
cowboy songs.
negro spirituals.
children's games.

7. In the nineteen-forties, Copeland decided America needed a new, simpler music because of the rising popularity of
baseball and other sports.
post war gadgets like refrigerators.
radio and the record player.
break dancing.

8. "Fanfare for The Common Man" is sometimes played during
inaugurals and national events.
dance parties.
romantic movies.
horse races.

9. This story is mainly about
Copeland's book, "The New Music".
a great composer who taught Americans about themselves.
a music teacher at Harvard and The New School.
a conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra.

10. Another name for this story could be
"How to Write Popular Music."
"French Influences in American Music."
"The First Truly American Composer."
"Growing up in Brooklyn."

Vocabulary Check. Fill the blanks, then check your answer.

1. Aaron Copeland was a strong supporter of ideas.

2. The Presidential Medal of Freedom is America's highest award to .

3. In addition to being a composer, speaker, teacher, and author, Aaron Copeland also was a . He led orchestras.

4. Copeland used parts of folk songs in his work.

5. Music critics say Copeland taught Americans about in his work.

6. Copeland was to compose American music by French composers whose music was distinctly French.

7. Copeland dreamed of a composer when he was very young.

8. When his music was first played, people had never heard this kind of music before. They thought it was very .

9. Aaron Copeland wrote two about the American West.

10. Copeland's "Fanfare for The Common Man" the composer's love for his country.

1.2. 3.
4.5. 6.
7.8. 9.

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